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15160 Foliage Ave.
Suite 100
Apple Valley , MN 55124
(952) 920-4400
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18572 Joplin Ave.
Lakeville, MN 55044
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Apple Valley

Modern Care Endodontics
15160 Foliage Ave. Suite 100
Apple Valley, MN 55124
18572 Joplin Ave.
Lakeville, MN 55044
Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 4:00pm
Patient Testimonials

Root canal fears... ...evaporated! Never had a root canal before and I was extremely nervous about it. Not only did Dr. Simonton see me on two hours notice, but he did a wonderful job. I had NO PAIN the next day. I've had simple fillings that hurt horribly for days afterward, but this was nothing. Thank you Dr. Simonton and his caring staff!

Bill T

Excellent Endodontist, Diagnostician and Surgeon. I highly recommend Modern Care Endodontics and their Team. Not only are they brilliant and gifted endodontic surgeons, they are also very kind with a tender heart and gentle hands. Every patient we refer to them has returned to us with beautiful and healthy, conservative results. We appreciate their talented team. Thank you for taking such great care of our patients!

Cindy Trosen Sundet, DDS

Fantastic experience I had a retreatment of a root canal and surgery was also needed for my tooth to heal properly. Dr. Simonton walked me through everything and answered all my questions. I was completely numb, and I never felt the injection. I was expecting soreness after my surgery, but I really had very little. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Simonton's caring manner, and how gentle he was. I was dreading the experience and it was easier than a filling at my regular dentist. Highly recommend him and his staff!

Jennifer T.

Exceptional place to come. 110%! Above and beyond. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. If you are scared of pain and the dentist, this is the place to come!


Thank you! I really appreciated the calm atmosphere of this office. Everyone from the receptionist to the assistant and Dr. Simonton included were caring and kind as well as professional. I definitely had a good experience today, so thank you!

Laura Fox-Anderson

Personal care I think excellent care is to be expected. I had another endodontist who I am sure was technically competent. Dr. Simonton and his staff, saved my tooth but also seemed to see me as a real person and not just another procedure to bill. He made himself available for any problems (I had none) and the staff called me before, and more importantly, after each visit. I hope I don't need this particular service again, but if I do I know where I want to go.

Ruth Lindeman

5 stars! Beyond impressed with Modern Care Endodontics and the staff! What should have been a miserable dental experience - a painful tooth needing a root canal - was better than I could have ever imagined.


Saved my Trip to Europe! Thank you Dr Simonton! He performed a root canal on my aching molar on an emergency basis just before my wife and I were leaving for a two week vacation in Europe. All is well and off we go!

Dave Aune

Beyond impressed! This was my 2nd root canal experience. My first one was not good at all, so I was terrified to go have another one. My hometown dentist referred me to Modern Care and I believed his word. You can't believe how a dentist office could look so beautiful and classy so right when you walk in the door you feel a sense of relief and are greeted by two smiling secretary's! They did a good job getting me Signed in and comfortable while I waited for the doctor! Check in was quick with very little wait time. They made my experience very comforting. Dark sunglasses and gas and away he went! The Dr. even showed me pictures he took after he was finished. WOW! I can honestly say it was the BEST experience you could possibly have in an endodontic office. I probably could have fallen asleep! It was completely painless. Don't wait until you can't take the pain anymore. Go see them today. You won't be disappointed you did! :)

Theresa Laue

I didn't know what to expect as this was my first root canal. But I was pleasantly surprised at how pain free the procedure was. Dr. Simonton and his staff made me feel comfortable and at ease. I also appreciated being seen on short notice. I like the way everything is explained to the patient, before and after the procedure.

Barbara Shean

Great Team! I needed same day care for a root canal and this team got me in and I have never had such a great experience. They did a great job and even showed pictures of his work when completed! Perhaps the best technical team I have every experienced! Thanks Guys!


Hi – Team - I just wanted to send along a special thanks to your whole team for squeezing me in and taking such great care of me on Tuesday morning! I am feeling great today – and appreciate your wonderful efforts. All the best – Jay.

Jay L.

My experience today at Modern Care Endodontics was wonderful. I had the Nitrous Oxide, and the whole procedure was pain free. The entire staff was very friendly, and that itself makes you feel at ease and comfortable. This was bar far the best dental experience I have ever had! Thank you so much for a pleasant experience. Edith Jandro

Edith Jandro

Same day appointment Great professional job on my root canal. I was able to get an appointment the same day I called. Thanks for getting rid of this terrible toothache within 3 hours of my phone call.

Mike E

5 Stars I hate the dentist, much less the Endodontis but my experience today at Modern Care Endodontics was awesome. Everyone is so nice, they make sure you are good and numb before going to town with everything.. Wear sunglasses, get the gas, and dozed off and wake up fixed :-)

Mike K.

Best Day Ever I absolutely love the fact that I can spend 2.5 hours getting a root canal and watch 2 different soap operas and have the best experience. Dr Simonton is amazing and your entire staff is top notch. I refer everyone that needs any work of this sort always to you. Thank you!!

Kristy Ashton

Best root canal ever! I have had a number of root canal treatments, and this experience with Dr. Simonton was the best! I had no pain or discomfort. Thank you to him and the great staff!

Linda Nemes

My now healthy tooth My tooth and I are so happy to still be together. I am so grateful to have been referred to Modern Care Endodontics even though it seemed I may have not been able to save my tooth. Dr. Simonton was confident my tooth could be saved. I was so happy to hear that and was even happier as he worked on my tooth with such care and made it healthy again. It feels so strong just days later. Thank you

Carol Schultz

A++ PROFESSIONAL & FRIENDLY STAFF AND NO PAIN Dr Simonton and his staff took care of me right away after I called them to explain I was in extreme pain which was coming from my back molar. It was the most relaxing dental experience I have ever had. I had no pain from the injection of novicane or any part of the procedure. I was so pleased after the root canal that I asked Dr Simonton if he could also do the permanent filling. I have had plenty of bad dental experiences and they are without a doubt the best! Also, their office is a absolutely beautiful with very friendly receptionists to greet you.

Debbie Stepp

One of the best experience's I ever had... I had to get a root canal I was really nervous and I knew if I did not get this done I would be sorry...It was the BEST experience's I ever had in the chair of a dentist, they explained everything that was going to happen and what to expect....I felt no PAIN through it all and now I am happy that I did it...I would highly recommend Modern Care Endodontics to anyone that needs a root canal...They took good care of me and If I need another one I will go back....The doctors and staff were out standing...Thank you everyone for a great and painless experience... Ken C.

Ken Cooper

Thank you! Dr. Simonton and his staff are friendly and caring. They put me at ease by listening and taking time to get to know my situation and to know me as a person. Their goal is for the patient to have a pain free experience (which was true for me). Their priority was my comfort at all times. I am impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail. The front office staff is also very accommodating and friendly. Anyone who has a "fear" of dental procedures should try this office!

Jane Nelson

Best experience I was walked through the whole procedure. Staff and doctor were very professional.

Aldo Lopez

Dr Simonton was skilled, professional and caring.

Carol B

Awesome experience
When I told a few of my coworkers that I am having a root canal done, they all had the same response.. "ouch, I hear that is absolutely horrible" , so needles to say I was nervous walking in. The front desk staff, the hygienist and the dentist made this experience as normal as it could possibly be. I didn't feel it any worse than a filling! So friendly staff, and the constant educating me thru the procedure made it all better. I would recommend this place to anyone. I am so very pleased with my experience. Thank you everyone. What a great experience!!

Kuala Wijesekera

My referral for a root canal exceeded my expectations. Dr. Simonton and his assistant Erin were outstanding... My procedure was comfortable and they willing to explain each step of the procedure. I can highly recommend their services at Modern Care Endodontics.


I would definitely go back to them.


Great Staff! Thanks to Dr. Simonton and his staff! Would gladly recommend him and his staff to other!

Robert Dub

Very Impressed Had a root canal retreatment and the experience far exceeded my expectations. The entire staff was very caring and professional. Dr. Simonton made sure I was numb and I did not have any pain during the procedure. The post treatment instructions have helped prevent any pain after the novacain wore off. I highly recommend Modern Care Endodontics.

Barry Bishop

quick and painless

I was very pleased with Dr. Simonton and his staff. Very pleasant and my root canal was done quick and painless. Thanks!


Root Canal

As pleasant as possible & absolutely no pain!

Laurel Fosburgh

First time with them, VERY impressed with the whole staff, a good experience. They called the next day to check on me.

Randy Schutz

My appointment was great! Thanks. I was very nervous, but I was very well taken care of. I'm sure I will see you again, probably sooner than I care to though!


Dr. Simonton and all the staff were very helpful. They did exceptional work. Thank you.

Galen novotny

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15160 Foliage Ave.
Suite 100
Apple Valley , MN 55124

(952) 920-4400
(952) 882-8400

18572 Joplin Ave.
Lakeville, MN 55044

(952) 920-4400
(952) 882-8400